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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

-Nick Weiss |

If you are like me, you loved P.E. class as a kid.  Although named incorrectly - there wasn’t a morsel of education - boy was it fun.  There was little regulation, no education, it was an hour of fun and games with your friends while catching up on any gossip from earlier in the day.  A chance to use some of the pent-up energy you had from being an angsty teenager stuck sitting in a chair all day.

As much as I loved P.E. class, I think the purpose of "Physical Education" needs to be revisited.  To me, it should include: education on physical health and the human body as well asmovement through sports and games.  I know there are schools and programs out there, such as SHAPE America who are spearheading this reform and changing P.E. class around America.   Educating youth about their bodies and health as it relates to their physical health is lacking in our country.  Yet every single person who was enrolled in a U.S. school between kindergarten and 12th grade took many, many hours of P.E, a class thats very namesake suggests it should be designed to help educate.

Twenty to thirty minutes a few times a week teaching kids about their bodies and how to maintain a healthy spine, joints, muscles can't be a bad thing, can it? There are lots of good ideas about how to approach this, but its starts with building a "norm" for the country on what should be taught at what age and what is expected to be learned by the students.  And that is long conversation for another time.  Have thoughts on how we can normalize and spread this reform? I'd love to hear them!

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