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-Daniel Halfner | One of my favorite aspects of our new space is the location. We have a huge window in the front that provides plenty of daylight and keeps me in a cheerful mood. There are lots of shops on Cal Ave which means lots of people are constantly walking by. Sometimes they walk by as if we're not there, sometimes they check themselves out in our window (don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too), and sometimes they curiously venture inside. After a few minutes of small talk whomever walks in eventually asks the question “So, what do you guys do here?”

What they’re really asking is “So, is there anything special about you--or are you like everyone else?” Nothing makes me happier than talking training (except for pumpkin pie and Zombie Runner lattes). I’ve been talking training to people long enough to know that if I start yapping about “functional this” and “injury prevention that” and “gluteus medius blah blah” it’s a matter of seconds before they tune out. So, how can we answer a question about training without talking about training? Enter the musical instrument analogy. 

If someone takes up guitar because they want to rock out, they don’t plug in their amplifier (volume 11!) and start strumming away. That would sound terrible. What they do first is learn how to tune their instrument. They practice their chromatic scales over and over and over (and over). They crush Hot Cross Buns, repeatedly. And if they practice with enough focus, if they practice deliberately, slowly but surely they will be able to make sounds with their fingers that are nice enough to be considered music. If they don’t, people will plug their ears as they walk by. Your body is like an instrument. How you train will determine how it “sounds”, and it’s safe to say that we’d all rather sound like music than noise.

To answer the question, that’s what we do here at PG. Our mission is changing people's concept of personal training, by coaching athletes of all levels to perform at their peak in all facets of their life.

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