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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

-Christopher Gaines |

“I’m feeling lazy. I’ll do it tomorrow.” “I just sat around all weekend — I know, I know. I shoulda exercised instead.” I’ve heard them all!

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not lazy. Your priorities in life are simply in a different place, and that doesn’t make you lazy.

First, when you label yourself as lazy, you’re buying into a game that breeds shame and distrust. Nothing good comes of it. Next, if you describe yourself in that way, you’re cloaking yourself in negativity. How many times have you had negative thoughts about yourself and then were immediately motivated to do something extraordinary?

Saying, “I’m lazy,” is an excuse. It’s an easy thing to say in the company of others. It’s a general term that you don’t have to define exactly.

“Well then, smarty pants, what should I say when I don’t do something that I should’ve done, whether for myself or someone else?” Good question. Just know that your

priorities may not have been set for the consideration of your future self’s needs or expectations.

How to get out of the lazy-game? For one, get more comfortable saying “no.” (I’m cringing at my hypocrisy as I write this.) When you say no, you’re setting healthy boundaries that allow you to focus and prioritize the parts of your life that really matter most to you. You’re not spread as thin and you can put more effort towards the actions and experiences that make a real impact in your life. Secondly, shift your mindset. When you miss a deadline or make a mistake, it doesn’t mean you’re completely derailed from your goal-getting. Take a step back, reflect, and figure out what needs to change so that you can succeed the next time. Lastly, enlist a friend, family member, or coach to help you. Share your goals with her/him and collaborate to determine triggers, and to figure out the simplest behaviors you can enlist to help you prioritize what really matters in your life.

I know it’s a lot. Trust me. I’ve worked through each of these suggestions myself over the years. And to be honest, it never becomes automatic. The world is always going to pull you in every direction except the one you want. To live the life you desire, you’ll need to shape it, day by day. With a plan, and the support to execute it, you’ll achieve great things.

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